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Keylong also known as Kyelong or Kyelang is located in Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. This administrative centre of the district is located 126 km away from Manali, a popular tourist spot and 120 km away from the Indo-Tibetan border. The city has a very Tibet like feel with many beautiful monasteries located here. Rudyard Kipling, a renowned author once said , "This place is where god lived and is not meant for men.” Keylong has hardly changed with the time and the locals here are very particular in conserving nature. This is what makes Keylong stand out amongst many other cities.

About Keylong
View of Keylong from Rang chala

Tourist Spots in Keylong

Keylong is a beautiful serene place located in Himachal Pradesh and is popular for its ancient monasteries. Khardang gompa,Shashur Gompa, Guru Ghantal are some of the monasteries located in Keylong. Best time to visit Keylong is from Mid may to mid October when the weather is just about perfect to explore the place. All the other months of the year, it is covered with snow.

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Khardang Gompa in Keylong

Khardang Monastery also known as Khardang Gompa is located on the bank of Bhaga River in the heart of the city and at an altitude of 3500 meters. This popular monastery is a Drukpa Lineage monastery and has a huge library preserving Buddhist literature, including the Tangyur and Kangyur scriptures in the Sherpa and Bhotia language. This monastery has a huge white building which has colorful prayer flags all over it. Attraction in this Gompa includes the traditional barrel like prayer drums, ancient weapons, exotic traditional paintings which includes the Kalachakra deity painting, Melorepa stories Buddha Jataka and many more. Other attractions includes Thankas, musical instruments such as drums, lutes,horns, and a huge statue of Lord Buddha which is the soul of this temple.

Khardang Gompa in Keylong
Khardang Monastery

The Gelukpa order built this monastery in the 12th century. However the dilipated condition of this monastery was renovated by Lama Norbu Rinpoche in 1912. This monastery was then considerably damaged by rains in the year 1998. A new temple was then built by the current monastery head, Lama Paljor.

Reaching Khardang Gompa in Keylong

This temple is located in heart of the city and is just half a kilometre walk from the main junction. You can easily reach Khardang gompa in 10 minutes by walk.There are private buses , taxis as well which will help you reach this place.

Shashur Gompa in Keylong

The Shashur Gompa is built as a dedication to Zanskari Lama. Thangka, which is 5meters long is the most popular attraction of the Gompa. The monastery is located at altitude of 600 meters atop a hill. This three storied montasery is vertically built with the ancient mandala concept.The monastery is filled with chants, Chortens, flags, traditional paintings, prayer bells and the traditional prayer drums with Om Mani Padme Hum carved on them.A festival is also held here in the month of June - July during which colorfully attired monks wearing a mask perform a popular dance form called Devil dance. Lama Dewa Tyatsho of Ladakh built this monastery in the 16th century. Lama Dewa Gyatsho of the Gelukpa order later renovated this monastery.

Reaching Shashur Gompa in Keylong

The Gompa is situated on NH 21 which is about 1.5 kms away.You can easily walk to reach the Gompa as well.

Guru Ghantal in Keylong

The Guru Ghantal Monastery is situated on the banks of Chandra River. This monastery is a famous and oldest Gompa of Lahaul. It is about 800 years old and was established by Brajeshwari Devi and Guru Padmasambhava. The Gompa has a huge statue of Guru Padmasambhava along with a black stone image of Goddess Kali and a statue of Brajeshwari Devi. The main USP of this monastery is that all the idols her are made up of wood unlike other monasteries where idols are made of clay. The pyramid shaped roof, elaborate carvings on the walls, colorful flags, traditional paintings is a sight that will etched in your memory forever.

Attractions of Keylong
Guru Ghantal Monastry

Reaching Guru Ghantal Monastery

This monastery is located on NH21 and is about 4.7 kms away from the main city junction. You can hire a taxi or reach the temple by HPSTC bus.

Tayul Gompa in Keylong

Build in 17th century by monks of Gelukpa order this ancient monastery is situated at an altitude of 3900 meters. This is the monastery where the exotic 12 feet statue of Guru Padmasambhava is propounded. Other statues of his appearances including Vajravahi and Singhmukha are also placed here.The main attraction of this monastery alongwith statue includes beautiful traditional Tibetan paintings and a library that has many ancient and important books and scriptures.This Gompa is home to the Red Hat or the Drugpa sect of Buddhist monks. They are permitted to own private property and marry as well.

Reaching Tayul Gompa in Keylong

This gompa is located in Satingri village and is about 5kms away from main city junction. To reach this Gompa, you need to take NH21 and then take the road towards Satingri village. You can also hire a taxi or take a HPSTC bus to reach this place.

Keylong Museum in Keylong

If looking to discover secrets of Keylong then you can head to Keylong museum which is not far from the main town. This musuem has a huge auditorium along with display of tribal art and culture. You can find many archaeologically important items on displays along with the famous Thanka Paintings. Many objects of daily use are also displayed here in their traditional form. Bhoti Scripts and Tankri manuscripts are also conserved in the musuem. The auditorium of the musuem is used for hosting cultural events. This musuem remains open to visit for general public on all working days including Sunday except Tuesday. The timings to visit this musuem are between 10:00 AM to 05:00PM. The museum is maintained and controlled by Department of Language Art & Culture.

Adventure Sports in Keylong

Keylong is a place where you can try many adventure sports like paragliding,rafting, trekking and many more. These adventure sports are carried out here by experienced men and the safety measures taken are also pretty good.

Adventure Tourism in Keylong
Paragliding at Keylong

Rafting in Keylong: The rafting route in Keylong is from Darcha-Jispa and Gemure on the Keylong-Leh route. However its closed during winters.

Paragliding in Keylong: Paragliding is done at Rohtang Pass which is the gateway to this city. You can also learn a short duration training course in Para gliding. June to September is the best time for paragliding here.

Fishing in Keylong: Sissu and Jispa near Keylong is where angling and trout fishing can be enjoyed.

Camping in Keylong: Camping can be enjoyed at Jispa, Darcha, Gemur, Koksar Sissu and Tandi near Keylong. Tour operators and local guides help you out with everything require for camping.

Jeep Safari in Keylong: You can enjoy a good drive in jeep safaris which is a must experience here. The tour operators here arrange for jeeps and preferance of the route is left upto you. You can choose to take a jeep safari to Leh, Manali, Kaza, Kilarand Tsomo Riri, Udaipur.

Trekking in Keylong: The Mountaineering Institute at Jispa has many trained guides and instructors and they offer a very safe and adventurous Rock Climbing & Trekking experience near Keylong. Best time and safe time for trekking is from June to September. The popular trekking routes are:
  • Keylong to Bharmour over Kugti pass
  • Keylong to Mani Mahesh over Asha Galli pass
  • Keylong to Bharmour over Kalichho pass
  • Keylong to Killar (Pangi valley)
  • Keylong to Bharmour over Chobia pass
  • Keylong to Killar over Gurhdhar pass
  • Keylong to Kaza over Pangpo la
  • Keylong to Kaza, Sumdo Trek over Kunzom pass
  • Keylong -- Chandratal --Khoksar trek
  • Keylong to Khoksar over Rangcha Gali pass
  • Keylong-Darcha-Khoksar--over tempo la
  • Keylong-Padum over Bara Lacha la
  • Keylong Padum over Shinkun la
  • Keylong-Padum over Mon la
Skiing in Keylong: Certain areas around Keylong is covered with snow through the year. Skiing can be enjoyed here on Sumnam Slope, Triloknath Slope Gondhala Slope and Khardang Slope. There are trained guides and other locals providing you with the equipment on rent.

Where to Stay in Keylong ?

There are plenty of options to stay in Keylong. From good hotels to tourist bungalows and rest house to lodges, you can choose any as per your budget. Hotel Gyepa, Tashi Deleg, , Dekyid and Dubchen Keylong are some of the best hotels for a perfect stay in Keylong. The astonishing view and beauty of Keylong from these hotels will bowl you out. All these hotels provide decent services with some having their in house restaurant as well. All the hotels in Keylong are listed below.

Chandrabhaga Hotel
Phone number: 01900 - 222247, 222393
Address: Manali-Leh Highway, National Highway 21, Manali Leh Highway
Keylong, Himachal Pradesh - 175132

Ibex Hotel
Phone number: 01900-233203, 9816036860
Address: Jispa
Keylong, Himachal Pradesh - 175132

Adventure Camp

Phone number: 011-40580334, 40580335
Address: Highway Leh-Manali, Sarchu
Keylong, Himachal Pradesh - 175132

Tashi Delek Hotel
Phone number: 01900-222450, 222667, 222278
Address: Keylong, Himachal Pradesh - 175132

Dekyid Hotel
Phone number: 01900-222217
Address: Town End,
Upper Keylong,
Himachal Pradesh - 175132

Nalwa Guest House

Phone number: 01900-222612, 9418574358
Address: Old Bus stand, upper Keylong,
Keylong Town
Himachal Pradesh - 175132

PWD Rest House
Phone number: 01900-222276
Address: Keylong,
Himachal Pradesh - 175132

Dupchin Hotel

Phone number: 01900-222687
Address: Keylong,
Himachal Pradesh - 175132

Nordaling Guest House
Phone number: 01900-222294, 9481045394
Address: Near New Bus Stand,
Himachal Pradesh - 175132

Hptdc Hotel
Address: Chanderbhaga
Distt. Lahaul & Spiti,
Keylong, 175132

The Gyespa Hotel
Address: Opp Raj Bihari Bose Chowk ,
Dhimal Market ,
Keylong, 175132

Padma Lodge
Address: Vill and Po: Jispa,
Distt Lahoul and spiti,
Keylong, 175132

How to Reach Keylong ?

Keylong doesn't have an airport in the city premises, however the nearest airport is Bhuntar airport in Manali which is 175 kms away. Jogindernagar is the nearest railway station to Keylong, Buses and taxis are available from airport as well as Jogindernagar railway station to help you reach Keylong. This place can also be reached via roads for which you have to cross rohtang pass. It is most advisable to cross this junction before 10 am as major trafffic jams occur at this junction.

Most people bypass Keylong to reach Leh. But to experience Keylong, you must stay here for 2-3 days and get drenched in the beauty of this mesmerizing place in Himachal Pradesh.

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